What is the delivery time?

We know a quick delivery is important to you and we are working hard to achieve that. But please be patient, all orders are normally shipped out within 72 hours and will take approx. 8-12 working days to arrive from shipment.

We are trying to improve our delivery times, at the moment we are continuously looking for faster delivery methods as we understand our customers want our products as soon as possible.

How can I track my order?

We send an email to our customer, so you will see there our tracking code updated.

How long does the battery last and what it's weight?

The vest comes with a battery, although you can choose the vest without a battery as well.

Not only will it heat your vest but also charge your mobile phone at the same time.

It's weight is around 150 grams.

How long does the battery last?

The GoHuntVest has a built-in USB port to connect a power bank (not included)

With a 10,000 mAh battery, the GoHuntVest can last up to 12 hours!

Does the GoHuntVest make noise while moving?

It doesn't make noise when you move, it's like a normal vest.


What size should I use?

Take a look at our size charts per product.

How should I wash my GoHuntVest?

GoHuntVest is easy to clean, just put it in the washing machine. Remember to remove the battery before cleaning it.

What is the material of the GoHuntVest?

GoHuntVest is made with ultra-light materials: polyester shell with carbon fiber heating technology.  

Can I change my order?

You will be able to change or cancel your order within 36 hours of your purchase.

Where is the GoHuntVest made?

The vest is not made in the USA. We have different suppliers around the world in order to propose the best pricing to our clients.

How do I know if GoHuntVest is a legitimate company?

We work with Stripe which guarantees your safety and security. So in case you have any problem with us you can cancel the payment! Have a look at our Terms of Service for more information.

What if my order is damaged?

We will ship you another product for you at no cost. Just send us an image of the damaged product and we will send you the new product.

What if there is something missing in my order?

Have in mind that the battery is sent separately, so you will receive the vest before the battery. In case you haven't received one item, please contact us and we will send it again.

Can I change the size of my vest?

If you received a size that doesn't fit you, you can send it to us and we'll send you a new one.

What are the payment methods?

Your credit card information is safe with us thanks to Stripe. We accept Paypal and most major credit, debit, and prepaid cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express,...