• It has allowed me to stay out longer in this cold weather

    “When I start to get to that point, where I can't take it, I just heat up the vest. It will heat up around your neck, your back, all the main areas so your blood circulates through your body and it's going to warm your whole entire body up."

    Torey Glenny - of the rTrax Youtube Channel -

  • This heated hunting vest has been a lifesaver

    “Right when it gets cold and chilly and you don’t want to sit anymore you can just press that button and this vest heats up. The heat goes all the way around the neck so you can tuck the nape of your neck and your face into it. And you can feel that warmth right up close to your face and that really helps cut that cold and wind.”

    Jennifer P. - Superior, WI -

  • I highly recommend the GoHuntGloves to any hunter

    "I'm incredibly impressed with the performance of these heated gloves. Not only do they heat up in less than 1 minute, but also keep my hands warm and comfortable for up to 9 hours, even in the coldest and wettest weather conditions."

    Derek Craig - of the New Day Outdoors Youtube Channel -

Heated Hunting Gear Essentials

Gear Up Or Stay Home


The main issue with staying warm when hunting is the sitting or standing still aspect of the activity.

You will see more deer if you are warm enough not to fidget.

With our heated hunting vests and heated hunting jackets you'll never freeze again.

They warm up in seconds so you can focus on what you love: hunting!

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During cold months many hunters hole up indoors watching the days go by because of the freezing temperatures. 

Thanks to our heated hunting gear you won't miss another winter hunting season. 

Our heated hunting vests and heated hunting jackets use carbon fiber heating elements to create and distribute heat to the neck, chest and back.

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All our heated hunting gear uses smart heating technology.

  • Fast heating: It takes less than a minute to heat up.
  • Long-lasting: With a battery of 10.000mAh it can last up to 10 hours.
  • Ultra-light materials: Polyester shell with carbon fiber heating technology.
  • Adjustable heating: 3 heating levels.
  • Easy care: Machine washable.
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  • “Recommended highly especially if you’re gonna be sitting somewhere for a long time.”

    George Konetes - of the New Hunters Guide Youtube Channel -

  • "It's gonna keep your entire body extremely warm and comfortable."

    Stephen Breznau - of the Bullets4Bucks Youtube Channel -

  • "So far I've been very impressed with their products.”

    Derek Craig - of the New Day Outdoors Youtube Channel -

Empowering Adventurers to Brave the Elements

  • Heated Hunting Vests

    Enjoy unrestrained movement and unwavering warmth during hunting season.

  • Heated Hunting Jackets

    Stay warm, comfortable and focused on the hunt, no matter the weather.

  • Other Hunting Gear

    Take on the most challenging environments with warmth and comfort by your side.

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