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GoHuntGloves™ - Heated Hunting Gloves

GoHuntGloves™ - Heated Hunting Gloves

"These gloves are absolutely fantastic, a must-have." - Richie P.

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  • Heats up in less than 1 minute
  • Index fingerless design for better control
  • Reinforced leather palm for anti-tear and high-grip surface
  • Up to 9h working time
  • Waterproof and windproof

Size Chart

A. Measure the length of your hand from the tip of your middle finger to your wrist
B. Measure the length of the middle finger 
C. Measure the circumference of your hand (without the thumb)
Important: If you hesitate between two sizes, choose the larger one:


A- Hand length B- Middle finger length C- Hand circumference
XS 6.3-6.7 2.5-2.7  6.9-7.3
S 6.7-7.1  2.7-2.9 7.3-7.7
M 7.1-7.5 2.9-3.1  7.7-8
L 7.5-7.9 3.1-3.3  8-8.4
XL 7.9-8.2 3.3-3.5 8.5-8.8
2XL 8.2-8.6 3.5-3.9 8.8-9.2
3XL 8.6+ 3.9+ 9.2+

*Measurements in inches


  • Precision Heat Distribution: Equipped with heating elements strategically placed in the palms and fingers to improve reaction time in those critical moments in the hunt.
  • Adaptive Heat Control: 3 heating modes (low, medium, and high) to adapt to changing hunting conditions.
  • Long-Lasting Heat: 9h in low (95ºF), 4h in medium (122ºF), and 2.5h in high (140ºF), ensuring your hands are warm throughout your hunting trip.
  • Weatherproof Performance: Made from lightweight, windproof, and waterproof leather and polyester, ensuring comfort during all weather conditions while hunting.
  • Adaptable Precision: Detachable index fingers for unhindered control, ensuring you're always ready for the perfect shot.
  • Durable Grip: The reinforced leather palm provides an anti-tear, high-grip surface, ensuring a sturdy hold on your gear while withstanding the rigors of the hunt.

Return & Warranty Policies

  • We offer a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • We provide a warranty for defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

Free Shipping

  • We offer free tracked shipping for all orders in the US.
  • We know a quick delivery is important to you, and we are working hard to achieve that. But please be patient, all orders are normally shipped out within 72 hours and will take approximately 8-12 working days to arrive from shipment.
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The GoHuntGloves™ are very easy to use:

  • Step 1: Plug in the battery. The gloves have a built-in port to connect the battery.
  • Step 2: Turn it on. Long press the power switch for 3 seconds to turn on the heat.
  • Step 3: Select the heating mode: red light (140ºF), white light (122ºF), blue light (95ºF).


The main issue with staying warm when hunting is the sitting or standing still aspect of the activity.

You will see more deer if you are warm enough not to fidget.

With our GoHuntGloves™ you'll never freeze again, it warms up in seconds, so you can focus on what you love: hunting!


In the heart of the hunt, split-second decisions matter. That's where our detachable index fingers come into play.

They enable you to adapt your grip swiftly, ensuring you're always locked in for the shot that counts.

Whether shifting firearms or fine-tuning your aim, our GoHuntGloves™ provide the adaptable precision you need for success in the field – no compromises, just peak performance at your fingertips.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews

Whether I'm hunting, fishing, or camping, GoHuntGloves are my go-to choice. They heat up quickly, making early morning fishing trips a breeze. The waterproof feature is a lifesaver when unexpected rain showers hit.

Lily M.

These gloves are a fantastic addition to my outdoor gear collection. They're warm, durable, and the touchscreen compatibility is handy when I'm out in the wilderness. GoHuntGloves have exceeded my expectations.

Christopher P.

I can't express how much I love GoHuntGloves for outdoor activities. They're warm, waterproof, and the battery life is perfect for long fishing trips. These gloves have made my outdoor adventures much more enjoyable.

Richie P.

These gloves are a game-changer for outdoor activities. They've kept my hands warm during ice fishing expeditions and winter hikes. The battery life is impressive, and they're a must-have for anyone who loves the outdoors.

Jake H.

Impressive warmth and great battery life. My hands stayed cozy even during long hunts. The only thing I'd improve is the fit.